Three Days and Counting and Musing

James and I decided that the wait is the hardest part. We are mostly prepared to leave town, but we can’t until Saturday. James has been working long stressful hours at work trying to complete projects or at least leave them in a reasonable manner. Contemplating whether I have packed all we need or have taken care of those last minute tasks at home finds me imagining one more item to either pack or do. I am also doing the hovering mother over leaving Tyrus. He will be staying at his favorite kennel, but he’s a senior dog and is so very attached to me and me to him. I worry about him being ok, but once he’s there it will be fine. Don’t feel too sad for him…he sleeps in their bedroom! The weather reporters are hinting at another touch of winter. It’s time to go!

One thought on “Three Days and Counting and Musing

  1. What a great adventure! Maria and I will be watching and living vicarously thorough your posts. Have a geat time and a safe voyage!

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