Not Left Yet

We have been on Ragtime for three full days and are seeing progress towards leaving…maybe Saturday. Mallory, our “boat guy”, has been finishing jobs for us: rebuilding a wench, modifying storage drawers under our v berth, water filter installed, and flushing the AC unit hoses. Aaron, our engine guy, came today to change the oil and discovered we need a new water pump! I have been sorting through food and toiletries….cleaning, throwing away and making shopping lists. We bought a dinghy from Defender and had it drop shipped to the marina. Yesterday with the help of our slip mates, James inflated it and stored on the bow of the boat. It fits nicely. Of course the first store we went to yesterday afternoon was West Marine to purchase a motor for the dinghy. Now we have new toys to play with and emptier pockets :-(. I’ll let James detail the toys along with his multiple phone calls to South Carolina and Florida boating government agencies. It’s amazing how difficult they make it to be law abiding citizens! When we arrived on Sunday the boat had a funky smell. Late yesterday I found the source…head lines in the forward berth! Yuck! Today we flushed the head lines and pumped out. Tomorrow new line to be installed. Also today the repaired jib was put up. James handled all this while I provisioned. Good grief…I was gone over 5 hours and only bought a smattering of food. More shopping tomorrow along with finding more crevices on the boat to store things.

Aaron Vickers, our wonderful engine man

Aaron Vickers, our wonderful engine man

Our jib sail had to be repaired.

Our jib sail had to be repaired.


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