Day 1 Week 2 Cumberland Island

We left Jekyll Harbor Marina about 10:30 am after a leisurely shower and coffee.  We had a short distance today so no need to hurry plus we needed to wait until the tide began to rise again.  As soon as we could see the shores of Cumberland Island, I had the binoculars scouring the shore for the famous wild horses.  I had always hoped to see these feral horses when we had sailed in the Beaufort, NC /Cape Lookout area but never did…well I think I saw one far away but it could have been a dog or a wild pig for all I could tell!  Part way down the island we spotted a couple of horses.  I was happy even though they were so far away to really get decent pictures, but still there they were.

We anchored in the river near the Sea Camp Ranger Station dock.  Today would be our first day to use our NEW dinghy and motor.  I was a little apprehensive about getting the dinghy in the water along with lifting the motor down to the dinghy.  James rigged a system with pvc pipe that stores in our boom but slides our when we need it.  The pipe has rigging with a block to help us lift the motor.  The dinghy and the motor each weigh about 70 lbs.  Maybe I should have been weight lifting at the gym instead of doing yoga and pilates!  Thanks to engineering and the old simple block and pulley, we were able to put the motor on the dinghy without any mishap.   It was a quick nice ride to the park service dock.  It is $4 each to tour the island, but we only had $7 in change…fortunately it’s an honor system.  Oh well , I’ll pay the extra dollar next time we come.  What an almost magical place is Cumberland Island.  The Georgia Live Oaks form this wonder canopy with moss hanging from every gnarled tree branch along with a forest floor of palms.  We walked through this forest on the half mile path to the beach.  The sand was pristine white except for the occasional horse droppings.  I collected sand for my sand collection and a few shells. After a short walk in the ocean, we headed back to visit the Dungeness Ruins.  I’m glad I didn’t realize how far the walk was to Dungeness because I might have balked.  It was another 1.3 miles through sandy paths, but it was worth the walk.  Besides the wonderful ruins, there were more horses on the grounds.  We were able to get close enough to take some great photos.  There was also this white bird that kept following them.  He reminded me of the AFLAC duck.  The horses ignored him as well as us.  By the time we walked back to the dock, my joints were hurting.  When we sat down to shake the sand out of shoes, I was afraid I was going to be so stiff I wouldn’t be able to get back up!  After the many miles of biking around Jekyll yesterday and now all the walking today, I am really tired.  It’s only 9 pm and James is already in bed, and I am headed that way directly…after I take my ibuprofen. 🙂

Cumberland Island

Cumberland Island

Dungeness Ruins

Dungeness Ruins




P.S.  If you want to know more about Cumberland Island National Seashore and Dungeness Ruins go to Google.  It is all very interesting.   Also a tidbit John F. Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette were married on Cumberland Island in the First African Baptist Church.   It is on the northern end of the island…at least 10 miles away from where we were 😦

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