Letter to 5th Graders @ Roosevelt

Dear Bear and Wolf Cubs,

I hope ya’ll had a restful springbreak because I didn’t.  On a sailboat there is always work to be done and learning even though I am not in school.  Is that how it is when you are grown up and no longer in school? Hmm?  I guess now I understand when Mrs. Salyer and Mrs. Harrison say you have to be a lifelong learner.

Every time we dock at a marina, we have to refuel, pump out our wastes, and get more water.  I often help Captain James with these chores.  Today I am helping fill the water tanks.  The marinas have a really big water hose and you remember that key I showed you several weeks ago??  That key opens the cover to the waters tanks, the waste tanks, and the fuel tanks.  After we fill the water tanks, we have to treat it for bacteria and stuff like that.  Remember when we learned about those little microorganisms in Science?  Anyway we had Clorox (or chlorine) to kill the bacteria and make it safe for us to drink.  Now Mrs. Little made me do some math.  Here’s the problem:

Each water tank holds 40 gallons of water.  To purify the water, we need to add 1 teaspoon of Clorox for every 10 gallons.  How many teaspoons do we have to add to each tank?  We have three tanks.  How many teaspoons do we need for the whole boat?

This is a much simpler math problem than the last one I sent you, but it just amazes me how much we use math every day!

filling water tanks

purifying water

purifying water

Here is another picture of me when they were pumping out the waste.  I don’t like that job.  EWW!

Pumping out waste

Pumping out waste

I will write again over the weekend.  Even though it is fun, I miss ya’ll !!!



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