Raising the Anchor

Dear Cubbies,

When we anchor the boat for the night, we have to drop the anchor off the front (bow) of the boat.  The boat has a motorized gizmo called a windlass that lets out the anchor chain and brings it back up.  Captain James has let me help Mrs. Little let the anchor down.  It’s really easy-all you do is press the down button.  And then press the up button when you want to bring it up.  The hard part is making sure the anchor is in front of the boat, so we have to give hand signals to whoever is steering the boat to let them know which way to motor and when to stop.  We usually let out 50 feet of chain and then another 30 feet of rope for a total of 80 feet of anchor rode.  You have to have enough anchor rode so the boat can swing on it.  That’s the other tricky part…knowing where to drop the anchor.  You have to look around you and estimate how far you might swing so you don’t hit another boat, dock, shore, etc.  Yep, pressing the button is the easy part. J  There’s a mathematical equation for figuring out how much anchor rode to let out.  Gee, math will not go away.  I sure am happy I had a great math teacher.  Thank you Mrs. Salyer!

Scope is the amount anchor rode you let out for anchoring.  To figure the scope, you need to know the depth of the water and freeboard of the boat (which is the distance from the top of the boat to the water).  The scope should be 7:1.  To figure this out, add your depth to the freeboard and multiply by 7.

Our freeboard is 4 feet.  If we anchor in 8 feet of water, how much anchor rode should we let out?

This morning there was a problem with the windlass so Mrs. Little had to steer and Captain James and I had to pull the anchor up with man (bear) power!  See how strong I am!!!

hauling in anchor raising anchor

Are you studying hard for TCAPS?  I am.

Love, Cubby

One thought on “Raising the Anchor

  1. Thanks to the mate and captain (I’m sure there is a continuing debate on who’s who) of the Rag Times for the update. Jeanette and I are heading to Niceville, Florida tomorrow for a get together with Jeanette’s sister, brother-in-law and two first cousins, plus Jeanette’s aunt. Too bad we will be on the opposite side of Florida from you all and way up on the panhandle. Jim, despite assurances by the local Social Security people that I was ok, the SS payment people kept most of my check this month. A representative at the local office told me yesterday that there is a disconnect somewhere. No kidding. Anyways, Spring has finally come to Kingsport, and the trees are blooming and getting leaves. You will come home to a much prettier and warmer East Tennessee. We are thinking of you both and hope for your continued save journey.

    Terry and Jeanette

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