Dinner Key Marina and Refrigerator/Battery Problems

April 26, 2013

Yesterday afternoon we decided to go see a movie while we were on “land” for groceries.  After a quick scan of the movies at the 18 screen Regal Cinema, we decided to see “Oblivion” with Tom Cruise.  Even though I hadn’t heard of it, none of the rest sounded interesting, and Tom Cruise is always nice to look at!  It was an action packed sci-fi flick that was entertaining, and James was happy with his popcorn.

After the movie, we ate pizza at Pizza Rustica which was recommended by the Murdoch’s.  The pizza restaurant is located in the Lincoln Pedestrian Mall which was a fun place to eat.  The tables are outside so we could people watch while we ate and drank our wine served in little plastic cups.

Our last stop before returning to Ragtime was to buy the rest of the groceries we needed.  I had to do a spin through Whole Market just to look, although I did buy two loaves of their breads-Banana Chocolate Chip and Cranberry Orange Walnut.  Walking two blocks, we finished our serious shopping at Publix.  By the time we got to the dinghy, it was dark.  I was glad I remembered flashlights.  It was a peaceful ride home in the moonlight.

The weather has been wonderful the last few days…little or no humidity, low 80’s and nice breeze.  We have slept under the sheets with no fans-just the wind scoops bringing in the nightly breeze.

Anchored in Sunset Lake at sunset

Anchored in Sunset Lake at sunset

Today we left our pleasant anchorage at Sunset Lake and motored to Key Biscayne.  As I was cooking breakfast, I noticed that our refrigerator/freezer was not working.  We have a cold plate in our refrigerator box that freezes to keep everything cold.  If I put things next to the cold plate, it will freeze.  I noticed that the ice cubes were melting and the chicken that had been frozen was thawing.  And I had just restocked food last night!!!  James found someone on the Internet who works on boat refrigeration who would meet us at Dinner Key Marina.  The two guys showed up about an hour ago.  Amazing that we could find someone on a Friday at the last minute!  Fortunately there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the fridge, but we still have issues with our battery bank and charger.  The guys were really nice and knowledgeable and only charged us $75. That’s cheaper than getting Kingsport Heat and Air to make a house call.  James learned more about how it works plus they checked out the Freon which was not low.

Here is a picture of my refrigerator.  It is about 16 inches by 24 inches by 28 inches.  I have two wire shelves that helps provides two levels along with plastic baskets to organize (one for produce, one for dairy, and one for small miscellaneous items).  Using a box refrigerator can really try your patience.  I alone am in charge of it, so I know where everything is.  Our motto on the boat is “A place for everything, and everything in its place.”  The motto goes double for the fridge.  Invariably I will need one item that is in the very bottom, so everything has to come out at least on that side.  The tricky part is a spot to put things while you are digging out of the bottom.  As you can see there is little countertop space.  The majority of my counter space is the top hinged opening sections of the fridge which means when you want in the fridge, everything has to be moved to one side.  I’ve also included a picture of our ice trays.  I have two trays, and they make big cubes.  I “harvest” the ice and store in a Ziploc bag in the bottom of the fridge next to the cold plate.  It works really well.  We’ve only bought ice a couple of times.

my galley (kitchen)

my galley (kitchen)

ice trays and harvested ice

ice trays and harvested ice

ice tray

ice tray

inside fridge

inside fridge

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today James began troubleshooting our batteries and charger.  They were not operating correctly.  After a lengthy morning of checking things out and reading on the Internet, he decided we needed a new charger.  He walked the 1 ½ miles (one way) to West Marine and back while I did wash and housekeeping.  I liked my end of the chores better.  Now it seems to be working, so tomorrow we will pump out, take on water, fuel, do some “strange talking” with boaters from the neighboring yacht club about sailing to the keys, and then sail over to No Name Harbor to wait on the weather window.

It’s amazing how much “house” cleaning and clean clothes can make a boat feel good!  I’ve never appreciated clean clothes before like I do now.  I relish their smell!!!  I cooked bbq chicken, black-eyed peas, fried potatoes, and pasta salad for supper.  Our tummies are full; chores are done; broken stuff is fixed (for now)…we’re going to watch a movie.  Life is good!

One thought on “Dinner Key Marina and Refrigerator/Battery Problems

  1. Thanks for the update and full description. Love your ending and your description of riding the dinghy across the water – that part makes me want to be there with you.

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