Back in Charleston

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We are back in Charleston Harbor Marina cleaning Ragtime.  After docking at 4:45 am on Monday morning, we managed to sleep for about 4 hours before having to get up to get Matt to the airport.  Needless to say after eating lunch with Rob and Minta, we were worthless.  James took a nap that extended into bedtime.  I took a mini nap and then had several long phone calls with my “besties.”  🙂

Today was the backbone cleaning day.  James washed everything on top, cleaned out the locker, and made multiple phone calls to the marina office regarding our slip.  While we were gone, a different boat was put in our adjoining slip.  We were unsure if we could both fit into the slip, but with help from the marina, we managed to put Ragtime back into E34. We had docked on the A Dock extension on Monday morning because of the tidal current.  I cleaned out the refrigerator, pantry, began packing, plus did laundry.

While packing the multitude of clean clothes that we never even wore, I fully realized I had over packed!  The winter clothes that were sent home with Rob and Minta had all been worn, so I did ok in that department.   I thought we would need more summer clothes because we would sweat more, but it turns out that I was able to wash at least once a week.  Like a dog and a fire hydrant, I never passed up a laundry.  Note to self for future trips:  a week’s worth of clothing is enough.  When I am on the water, I don’t worry about wearing shirts and shorts multiple times.  Just give me plenty of undies!!!  As I was folding HOT clothes from the dryer, I reminded myself that commercial dryers do not seem to have a low setting no matter what the button says.  For future trips, I will rethink bringing tops that say to dry on low.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We are leaving today.  After hitting it hard for two days, we have cleaned and put Ragtime to “sleep” for a few months.  We plan to have her hauled out for a bottom job this summer.  There are also numerous small repair projects that we left in the hands of our capable boat management guy, Mallory.  We will not be back until the end of August when we will be back for a wedding.  We both have mixed emotions as we leave Charleston.  It has been a great 11 weeks, but there are portions of our lives that we definitely miss back in Kingsport on dry land.

While we were gone, they made significant progress on the new restaurant at the marina.  Fish House is slated to open the end of the month which is tomorrow.  I don’t think they will make their deadline but maybe next week.  There is also a marina store adjoined to the restaurant.  We will look forward to checking them both out in August.

Fish House Restaurant

Fish House Restaurant

Marina Store

Marina Store

2 thoughts on “Back in Charleston

  1. I am thrilled to have you home safely, but was a little sad as I read this. It has been fun keeping up with your adventure . . . since you were able to stay in touch at points along your journey. It would have been too much if we had not talked at all for the full 11 weeks.

  2. We have all had a great time living vicariously through you and James on Ragtime. What an amazing experience that you will remember the rest of your lives. So glad you both are intact and still married!!!! 11 weeks of that kind of closeness you all are GOOD together! Hope Cubby is also reacclimated to dry land! Hope to see you all soon and hear more of your adventures up close and personal.


    Jeanette and Terry (guess he has already heard some stories, but, Sandra , as you know their history- Terry doesn’t tell me much!!!!!)

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