Finally Leaving-June 2, 2016

Leaving from Charleston Harbor Marina fuel dock early Thursday morning, June 2nd

Leaving from Charleston Harbor Marina fuel dock early Thursday morning, June 2nd

Our long awaited retirement sail trip got off to a rocky start. James had planned to retire the end of 2015, and then to our fortunate surprise Eastman offered an early retirement incentive package that included a years salary! The only downside was he couldn’t retire until March 1, 2016 which was a very slight change of plans as we had hoped to maybe leave early April. Since we had boat projects to complete, we decided to race one last time in Charleston Race Week with May 1 being our leave date which also corresponded with the end of our marina lease. After several trips to Charleston prepping Ragtime for our extended trip came to a brutal halt when mast troubles were discovered the first day of the races. We feared a new mast was in order which sent us home quite distressed. fortunately it was our standing rigging which ended up being a much easier fix. Still we had lost ground time, because we had put the other projects on hold. It was not meant for us to leave the first of May. We extended our lease for a month and mentally prepared ourselves for another month wait.

You know how hindsight works and providence if you believe in it. May ended up being a tumultuous month for the Littles! We had to have our 15 year old redbone coonhound put to sleep on April 4th. On May the 4th we repeated the agonizing decision for our 21 year old cat. I had had many sleepless nights the past year wondering who was going to care for our aged pets when we left. The Littles’ pets kept the Rainbow Bridge busy. Jacob, our younger son, also lost his beloved little dog during this time. We were thankful to have been home to comfort Jake. Someone recently asked when was the last time I cried to which I responded, “The whole month of May!”

One of my dearest friends lost her father in May. I was eternally grateful to have been here for her. Another dear friend was buying a house which meant I was able to participate in the process with her. And I was able to celebrate my 60th birthday on May 6th with my closest friends.

The whole delay has been a growing experience for me as I have practiced living in the moment. It was a constant reminder that plans are just that-plans. Life on a sailboat is a phenomenal learning laboratory for Type A people like us. We need it!

Tuesday, May 31 was about new leave date. Month lease was up, weather looked good as Bonnie had moved inland and we were stocked and essential projects were done. Except the engine mount that was  to be delivered on Tuesday did not arrive until Wednesday. But the delay meant having some Charleston friends over for drinks and goodbyes and being a tad more rested for the overnighter.

I am writing this on my IPad sitting behind the wheel of Ragtime as autopilot steers with fine tuning of the sails by James. We are clipping along at about 6 knots. We should make Southport, NC by mid morning. We have a marina slip reserved for Friday with plans to visit with some friends from our sailing club back home. Did I say plans?

7 thoughts on “Finally Leaving-June 2, 2016

  1. Very good job Sandra !  I enjoyed reading your 1st installment. Will look forward to reading about further adventures of the Littles Ragtime retirement trip.  John D   

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  2. I really enjoyed reading this. It sounds like you and James are in for a fun ride. I love and miss you guys.

  3. I love reading about your journey. Keep sending me the posts. You are such a writer! I feel like I’m reading a published book!!!

    Love ya, Penny

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  4. finally had time to read your blog. Outstanding! Bonnie said she thinks what you and James are doing is quite courageous – even more than sky diving. I told her I am not sky diving but agree completely about how courageous it is. I had forgotten what it was like for me when you were on your other trip, but I now remember. I feel like I was awake all night when you were doing your night sail, and I am now glad for a day in port. So happy for you two!

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