Sometimes a Plan Comes Together-June 5, 2016

We docked in Southport Marina Friday morning around 10 am.  We were greeted with muggy hot sunny weather.  After little sleep I was somewhat grumpy as the sweat trickled down my back while we hooked up power cord, tidied the dock lines, and stowed equipment. Thankfully our blessed little A/C chugs away once we have shore power. The best improvement we made to Ragtime!

After a nap and shower, we had dinner with friends from Watauga Lake Sailing Club. Jennie and Kevin now live in Wilmington, NC. It was good to catch up even if we did had to wade to the restaurant through the high tide waters.  James advises to always check tide charts whether on or off boat!


Saturday we left Southport, motored up the Cape Fear River to Snows Cut to the ICW.  We saw very shallow water and you don’t need the GPS to tell you how shallow when you see beach umbrellas in the middle of the waterway! Fortunately we didn’t need Tow Boat US’s services, but they seemed to be busy enough without us.


At 6:15 pm we motored out of Masonboro Inlet into the ocean for another overnighter  Overnighters can be as different as night and day  We had a nice breeze and little waves on Thursday night which meant more sleep and a relaxing night of reading, listening to podcasts, light snacks, and star gazing while on watch.  Saturday night was hard from the get go.  The ocean swells were large and random which made for a rocky ride with 15 knots of wind steady.  We only sailed the jib reefed.  I kept thinking this was going to be the night I got sick.  I’ve only been seasick three times in over 30 years of sailing.  Before leaving Southport I had cooked chicken and noodles for supper with plans to reheat for supper.  We ate it cold which really wasn’t too bad.  I catnapped during my off watch, but it wasn’t restful with my body constantly moving.  Moving around was an ordeal, and I found myself slammed against the boat quite often with the bruises today to prove it.  Non-sailors think we are courageous and/or crazy.  We think it’s just part of the sailing life and as in life, there’s the highs and lows.  Without the mix, life would be mundane and we couldn’t truly appreciate the good times.  So it is for the life of a sailor.  Look at this man’s smile.  Sailing energizes him in the way that nothing else does and that energizes me.





One thought on “Sometimes a Plan Comes Together-June 5, 2016

  1. Thinking of you guys this morning and praying for more fun and adventure! Stay safe!

    Donna C. Kilgore
    Analytical Technology Manager,
    Corporate Analytical Division (CAD)

    For more information about Corporate Analytical type CAD in the web browser
    or click here for a quick overview tour.

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