Bruises, Bugs, and Bathing June 21, 2016

    We’ve been gone less than three weeks, and my body looks like I’ve been on Survivor!
The first week I managed to trip on the marina sidewalk in Oriental, NC coming away with a badly skinned knee, palm, ankle along with accompanying bruises.  Next came those horrible green headed biting flies and mosquitoes.  The mosquito bites itched, but the fly bites hurt!  Adding to the bruises and scabs were red welts on the ankles and other random body parts.  To add insult to injury I missed a step in the cockpit and fell just missing my skinned knee but succeeded in banging up my other one along with pulling my left arm.  Oh,and I must not forget hitting the top of my head on the boom.  Thank goodness for Advil and Tylenol.  I am truly grateful that I’ve not broken anything.  There’s always something to be thankful for.
    Bathing deserves its own paragraph, maybe a chapter, but I will give the condensed version.  We have running hot water and not all sailboats have that.  We have two heads (bathrooms), but keep in mind they are tiny!  Have you ever watched “Tiny Houses”, been on a RV, or used a porta-potty?  You get the picture. I do like the economy of being able to sit on the toilet, brush my teeth, and wash my face all at the same time :-).  The sink faucet doubles as a shower head meaning you pull it out, get the right water temperature and hold over your head while trying to soap up in this minuscule closet meanwhile wetting down the whole bathroom including the toilet, counter, and floor.  There is a drain to the bilge and the whole bathroom is somewhat
clean, but I either let it dry or have to wipe it all down.  My solution to daily bathing is filling the sink with water and having as my mother would call it- a “whore bath” .  About once a week or more, we dock at a marina and get our “Saturday” bath!!!  Ahhhh…
    Quite a few years ago, we took a dear friend who is no longer with us on a sailing trip.  One of the mornings as I was pulling my hair up into a ponytail and cramming it under my cap, he remarked, “Sailing isn’t for beautiful people.”  I didn’t know whether to be offended or to consider it a compliment as to my love and dedication to the sport. 🙂 I always think of my friend Dave on days like today.  We walked over a mile from the American History Museum on the Mall to our boat at the marina in pouring down rain with only a museum plastic poncho.  Sailing is not for the “beautiful people” or high maintenance, but it is always interesting.

6 thoughts on “Bruises, Bugs, and Bathing June 21, 2016

  1. You and James are living your dream!! You go girl!!!!! I guess I am reading this thinking…..I might be considered a little more high maintenance and need just a few more creature comforts. Ouch!!!! On all of your boo boos. And, when is it that you are starting to have fun??


    Land lovin’ Jeanette

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