Rainy Days and Mondays Get Me Down -July 4th

July 1st fried us, and today we are drenched.  Weather is a huge factor when cruising, but you have to learn to roll with it or you will hate this lifestyle. 

Friday we left Deltaville after 4 days docked having boat repairs. Our anchor light had to be replaced and while we were at the travel lift, we had Ragtime pulled to check her bottom.  We had not seen this view since 2009 when we first saw her on the hard in New York. Even I am amazed at the immensity of a sailboat out of water. For my non sailing friends, I thought you would find the bottom interesting. 

While in Deltaville, we did laundry, bought groceries, ate lunch ashore, and spent money at West Marine all thanks to the courtesy vehicle from Deltaville Yachting Center-great marina and nice folks. 

Friday afternoon we anchored in Carter Creek beside The Tides Inn. The Tides is where Jacob did his externship through Le Cordon Bleu several years ago. The inn was built in 1947 and caters to upscale families. We dinghied ashore for a late lunch at the poolside restaurant. Dinner prices were more than we wanted to spend plus the heat and humidity was horrible on Friday. I was drenched in sweat and couldn’t even contemplate the idea of dressing up for dinner!

We had a huge thunderstorm that we had to ride out that afternoon which cooled things off considerably. 

Saturday we left for Urbanna, a little town of about 500 further up the River from Irvington where the Tides is located. For the first time on this trip weather and wind cooperated. We were able to sail with both sails. There was enough wind, we eventually needed to reef. We lucked into a fabulous Independence Day celebration that evening complete with boat parade and fireworks!  I’ll have to post these photos later when I can download from my camera. 

Yesterday it rained all day. Finally we gave up, donned our foul weather gear and went to town to check out Urbanna. What a nice surprise. Glad we did but unfortunately it was so late in the day most of the cute shops were closed. We did manage to find a great little BBQ restaurant that also served great desserts. We all had coconut rum pie except for James who had his chocolate ice cream. 

Today it is still raining, and we are motoring north to the Great Wicomico River for an overnight anchorage. It’s barely 70 degrees and cooler than that in the wind. Can hardly it’s July 4th!!!  I am making deviled eggs, hotdog chili, baked beans and hotdogs for supper. I had hoped to find a watermelon to make our meal complete but brownies will have to suffice. 

Happy 4th of July🇺🇸

2 thoughts on “Rainy Days and Mondays Get Me Down -July 4th

  1. I thought u were supposed to stay in 5 star hotels when u retire!!!  Actually u r making great memories and having lots of adventures!!  Happy 4th.Jeanette  and Terry 

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