Extended Cruise Completed for 2016

trip 2105

We had a good time, absorbed a lot of history, met a lot of new people, and learned much about sailboat maintenance and cruising.  We sailed/motored ~1400 statute miles over a 10 week period.  The itinerary was from Charleston SC-Southport-Outer Banks-Norfolk-Washington DC, Solomons Island-East side of Chesapeake Bay, etc. and many ports in between.

Probably the most favorite parts of the trip for me were navigating the Potomac River and spending time visiting the sites in Washington DC.  However, our time spent on the York River visiting Yorktown and Jamestown were a close second.  We did have to rent a “land dinghy” from Enterprise to easily access these latter places.

Ragtime is now safe in her new home, New Bern, NC (Northwest Creek Marina).  We will miss Charleston SC and the shorter trip to the boat, but New Bern is much more affordable.  Being retired gives us more time than money!

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